Legal Research Center

The Legal Research Center (LRC) is an integral component of the Department of Law. It maintains an extensive collection of printed and electronic reference materials covering all major fields of law and concentrating on comparative and international law. Most works are in English, but the LRC also has all official Armenian law bulletins, the IRTEK electronic library of Armenian law, the GARANT electronic library of Russian Federation law, and other materials covering the post-Soviet region and Central Europe. Additionally, the LRC subscribes to Westlaw and has access to the Internet.

The LRC’s collection of books and loose-leaf services includes approximately one thousand recent titles. All are catalogued in the AUA Libraries Online Public Access Catalog, which is available over the AUA Intranet. To facilitate user access, the LRC maintains a start page with links to worldwide legal resources. To the extent its resources allow, the LRC is open to the legal community in Armenia and the general public.