Instructions for lost books

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1. The  book is not on the shelf, where could it be?          

  ex.  Copy : Must be Reading  Room
         Status : Must be Available  for Circulation 
If the location is other than Reading Room (like: Computer Services,  College of Science and Engineering, CHSS, CBE , etc. that means the book is not in the Papazian Library. 
If the location is Reference, ask the Reference Desk  Librarian for the book. 
Remember : you cannot take the reference books out of the library! 
If the location is Textbook Reserve Shelf ask the  Circulation Desk Librarian for the book. 

  • Please make sure that  you copy the book call number correctly. 
  • Please check the  tables and the small shelves between the main bookshelves where the library  patrons usually leave the books after using them in the Reading Room.
  • Please ask the  librarian to check the book tracks and bookshelves in the Circulation Desk  area.                         

2. What  is the Trace Request?                 

This is another way to look for  the missing book. Ask the Circulation Desk Librarian for the Trace Request  form. Fill in the bibliographic information  of the book (such as call number, author, title, publication year) and your ID  number.
Within a week the librarians will  trace that book. As soon as they find the book they will call you. 
If the librarians do not succeed  in their efforts, they will change the status of the book to Missing.            

3. What  is to  “Place a Hold” on a book?

If the status of the book is checked out, but you still want to  borrow it. What to do? 
Copy the Item ID of the book from  the Copy Information window. And ask the Circulation Desk Librarian to  “HOLD” the  book. Or you can place a hold on a checked out book yourself. How to do that?                           

  • Click on “HOLD” icon that displays to the right from bibliographic record, and follow the prompts.                
  • Enter  your user ID and password. Then click the ‘Sign  in’ button.                   
  • Select  the date from drop down menu and click the “HOLD” icon.           

The On Hold book cannot be renewed, or given  to another patron. As soon as it is returned to the library, you will get a phone call to come and pick it up. The book will be on hold for 30 days from  the date you place a hold. 

    Remember : You can place a hold  only on one book at a time!


                    Please, feel free to ask the  librarians for help.