Borrowing and Fees

Applies to both AUA and Non-AUA communities

  • if you are Non-AUA Patron you can borrow – 2 books for two weeks
  • if you are AUA Faculty you can borrow – 20 books for one semester
  • if you are AUA Student you can borrow – 10 books for four weeks
  • if you are AUA Staff you can borrow – 5 books for two weeks

Materials on reserve are non-circulating; you can read, watch or listen in the library ONLY or an overnight loan of certain restricted materials: Such as

The TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT preparation guides and materials on reserve can be borrowed overnight by AUA students, faculty, and staff. These materials can be checked out after midnight (Monday through Friday) and after 5:30 (Saturday and Sunday), and must be checked in by 10 am the next day.

Reference materials may be checked out by faculty or staff for no longer than one or two days if needed for research purposes

Periodicals are not circulated except for in pre-approved situations. Back issues of journals are available in bound volumes or through selected full-text online databases and online resources.

Students check out textbooks requested by faculty at the beginning of each quarter and return their textbooks after the final examinations for each course. Each student is assigned a specific textbook for which s/he is responsible throughout the duration of the quarter. At the beginning of each quarter, faculty members submit online the textbook request form for each course before classes begin. Lost, stolen, or damaged items must be compensated to the University with the replacement cost.

Materials on Reserve are ONLY for AUA students, those materials are assigned by faculty instructors to students in a particular class, and are held at the circulation desk, and can be borrowed for a very short time. The faculty member should bring reserve materials to the circulation desk two days before informing classes. Instructors may request that books be transferred from the general Library collection, periodical articles photocopied from the general collection, or they may provide their personal copies of books and articles.

  • if you are AUA (student, staff or faculty) printing/photocopying/ 15-AMD per page, 20-AMD for double side page
  • if you are Non-AUA patron  printing/photocopying/ 50-AMD per page, 60-AMD for double side page


Every item borrowed can have its check-out period extended up to 2 weeks if no one else is not waiting for it. You can renew in the following ways:

  • Log in online to your list of checked out items
  • Visit library
  • Call us at (+374 60) 61 27 64 during library working hours

Hold Requests

If an item is checked out, don’t panic, you can place a hold. This is how you can do it:

  • Place holds in the library catalog, online, in person or on the phone by calling (+374 60) 61 27 64
  • We will notify you when the item is available for pickup and place it at the Circulation Desk for 30 days
  • If you would like to request materials not owned by the  Papazian Library, you can request Interlibrary Loan (only for AUA broad community) 


You should return books to the library before the due date expires otherwise you must pay for each overdue date.

Overdue or Lost Books and Fines

Papazian Library makes every attempt to notify its patrons about fines, fees and overdue materials, but you are responsible for your account and for each item checked out.

  • Fines are 100-AMD per day with a maximum 5000-AMD per item
  • Check your account frequently online or call us at (+374 60) 61 27 64  for due dates
  • For damaged or lost items you will have to compensate by paying 1.5 times of their price, or by providing an identical copy of the lost/damaged item (contact the library administration for instructions and details)

Fines can be paid in person at the Library, only Armenian Currency is accepted. 

Should you have an overdue fine in your account, you won’t be able to check out, place holds or renew anything until it is not paid totally.